Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Moment in Time...

Well... life is certainly full and exciting as ever here in our household.  I think we've turned a corner at the moment, but we had some challenging behavior over the last few weeks which had me buy more wine than normal.  Ha ha.  Thank goodness these little people are so funny and loving most of the time, because they sometimes make you earn it.

Here are some funny things heard around here lately....

I seriously think that I have a tween sometimes.  I am constantly hearing, 'Oh man.....', or 'Seriously....' or 'Oh my Gosh!....' and other dramatic exclamations.

"I told you....." fill-in-the-blank.  Apparently she's psychic.... she knows how everything pans out.

"No boys allowed".  She is super fixated on girls vs boys at the moment.  Fortunately some of her closer boy friends have managed to remain in the inner circle, but everyone else is out.  She has been known to throw toys out of her room and declaring them 'boy toys' because of their particular color scheme, ie, they are not in the pink or purple family, I guess.  Thankfully, she often realizes their fun value eventually and plays with them again -- that is, until the diva returns in her :-)

I love to listen to her dialogue when she's play acting with her dolls.  Its like a little window into her world at daycare.  Apparently, being really good on the monkey bars is a status thing... Her dolls seem to get into conflict easily -- fortunately, they also seem to be able to work it out quickly too.  Ha.

She is focused on the number 100.  When she tells a story, most things tend to be a 100 somethings.  For example, her teacher was on holidays last week, and Maeve said that she was gone for 100 days.  There were 100 people invited to her birthday party this past weekend too, apparently.

Everything is a competition and she needs to come out on the winning side.  This was funny to hear when Amy and I were lugging the kids around on our bikes a couple of days ago.  Maeve kept telling Amy that we were beating them and that we were faster than them etc...  We were also one kid lighter than them too... but the fairness doesn't interest Maeve.  I heard Maeve say to her friend today, who was also born in Ethiopia and has adoptive parents, that her birth dad is bigger than her friend's birth dad.  Ha ha.  There is no limit or line to what she'll ante up.

Maeve is very much fixated on her birthday coming up in a few days.  And, because her birthday party was this past weekend, its a big part of her conversation right now.  If you are in Maeve's good books or she simply just likes you, apparently you are coming to her birthday.  If you fall outside of that, you cannot come to her birthday.  This also applies to fictional characters too.  For example, Fancy Nancy is coming to her birthday, but her little sister, JoJo, is not -- because she is naughty.  There are a couple of technical difficulties to her party plans, but fortunately we don't have to work out the bugs for another whole year... not sure that Maeve is picking up on this concept though.

This phrase came out her mouth recently -- 'I wish I could paint my face and become a circus clown....  Actually, a princess'.  I'm not sure which one is better or worse.  Ha

Maeve has been introduced to Doc McStuffins recently, and is quite enamored by her and she likes to pull out her doctor kit and pretend to take care of me.  When she was 'listening' to my heart through the stethescope, she told me she was 'beating my heart'.  Ha.  I think Doc's a good preschool role model so I'm going with it.  
Me - "So, Maeve, do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?"  
Maeve - "No!  I'm going to be a princess..."
Me - "You could be a doctor and a princess"
Maeve - (she looks at me as if I've lost my mind) "No, I'm just going to be a princess.  I'm not talking to you right now"

And, the best is how loving she always is... such a cuddler.  She can often be heard saying, "I love my mommy.  She is such a cutie.  I love my mommy.  I am never leaving you... I am going to stay with you forever".  Sweet girl.  I'm going to save this phrase and see how she feels about me in about 10 years.  

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