Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There is About to be a Princess in the House....

Its happening people.... Maeve has stopped sucking her thumb.  Full stop.  And, it was seamless.  

Obviously, she was ready and just needed the motivation to say goodbye to her most faithful companion.  A small part of me is sad as I was so thankful that Maeve had her thumb when she was little and transitioning to her big new scary world...  and it was her 'go-to' anytime she was stressed or overwhelmed. And, then it clearly just became a habit over the last couple of years.  Now she is officially a big kid.

So, Rapunzel is in the house... Maeve is unaware of this fact thus far as she may not be able to contain herself knowing it was awaiting her in just the next room.  She will get to open the box on Friday - day 14 of abstaining from the thumb.  I keep feeling like I sold my soul... I still cannot believe that my credit card made this purchase.  But, I guess the thousands saved in orthodontics and the sheer joy this dress will bring during this phase of her life is worth it.

Coincidentally, Maeve had a dentist appointment today and was able to tell him of her success, which was received with much praise.  She is so proud of herself...  Yay Maeve.

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