Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Think This is "Take 3...."

It is best to admit defeat and use it to your benefit rather than continue fighting a lost cause based solely on principle.  Case in point -- the princess phase.  I have fought it kicking and screaming, but DNA, preschool friends, and commercialism has won out.  And, because it is literally almost all that she can think and talk about, getting a bonafide brand new Rapunzel dress is something Maeve, apparently, cannot live without.  So, I am willing to sell my soul and buy the dress to avoid thousands in orthodontic bills later in life.... And, Maeve is 100% on board with this plan.  She asks to have the icky stuff put on her nails and looks at the picture of the dress she is about to inherit several times a day.... The night went no problem too...  so, that's a major bonus.   She is so proud of herself.  I think we have a winning situation here.  Yay!


Team Todhunter said...

Good luck!!! We tried once with Greta, put the yucky stuff on the thumbs... she sucked it right off. Haven't tried again. Figured if she will suck it off, it isn't worth the battle. Thankfully the dentist told her she had to stop when she lost a tooth and that has STUCK in her head... praying it works when the time comes!! LOL!!!

-Saving For Braces Already

Karen Gerstenberger said...

She is just too beautiful for words.