Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Oh my... we are delinquent with blogging.  We've been very busy playing.  But, rewinding a couple of weeks, here is our Valentine's Day.  It was a work day/school day... so, we had about 10 mins on either side of the day to celebrate.

These are the beautiful valentine's that Maeve made for her friends at school.  I had, of course, purchased the requisite box of valentines before I was flagged to the fact that we were encouraged to make homemade valentines... what??  Well, this is as good as it gets everybody.  

 Happy Valentine's Day, sweet girl!

She was very excited to have a new stuffie, Cookie... and equally excited to be eating Skittles at 6am on the way to school.  

My valentine from Maeve.  I love these things....

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