Sunday, January 6, 2013

Melkam Genna

Last night we were able to celebrate Ethiopia's Christmas with many other adoptive families at our local Ethiopian Center... the actual date of Melkam Genna is tomorrow, but American work schedules get in the way.  Maeve was very excited about going, getting dressed up in her Ethiopian dress and eating Ethiopian food.  She got herself all ready to go hours before we left...  Then she started posing as I took a few pictures of her.  Shocking, I know....

We were able to catch up with one of longest friends in the adoption world, Isa B and her mom, Katie.  There were no good pictures to catch the atmosphere of the night as a ton of kids were running around, having the best time...  I'm always so grateful for our Ethiopian and adoptive community... and I know that Maeve will be hugely grateful too.

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Katie said...

It's too bad that our girls are so shy in front of the camera, isn't it?!? :)