Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa 2012

This sad day has arrived when I no longer have the screaming Santa photo.  I know.  Sick and wrong, but they make me laugh all the time.  I wasn't sure what this year would bring as Maeve was still timid about the idea of meeting the big guy in red, despite being very very excited about the idea of presents from Santa on Christmas morning.  I have to say, having elves mysteriously all around this month checking in on good behavior versus bad behavior has been very effective in redirecting a potential poor decision.  I'm going to be a little sad post Christmas, I think... what will I use as a threat then?  

So, Maeve pulled it together in the end, had me tell Santa what she wanted, and bravely got up on his lap for photos.  The littles still gave us a show however, which was nice to see :-)

Maeve, Gerrit, Clara, Bennett, and Avery... all getting so big.

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