Sunday, October 21, 2012

Real Time...

How is it that Maeve is almost 3 1/2?  I keep telling her to stop growing, to which she always laughs and says, "I can't!!"  She is so fun these days and exponentially turning into a little girl, with thoughts, ideas, jokes, and opinions that are all her own.  

This is one of those posts that just captures what's happening now, or what she has said recently that makes me laugh.

There is a constant monologue coming from Maeve -- often in sing-song.  Sometimes she's pretending to talk to someone, sometimes not.  The challenge is to know when to engage in conversation during these chatterings.  I am often in the wrong by doing so as I am quickly informed that she isn't, in fact, talking to me.  You understand how I could be mistaken based on the fact that most of the time its just the two of us.  My bad.

Today she fell outside while wearing her tights, which created two muddy knees.  She was upset initially because she wasn't sure if she had hurt herself, but then when we were driving home she was more bummed out because she wasn't 'fancy anymore'.

I sometimes copy her little expressions when I'm talking with her.   For example, I repeated her "ooh la la" back to her today, but was quickly corrected that I couldn't say "ooh la la" because I was not dressed up fancy.

Yesterday she informed me that we should get a pet animal.  Upon further investigation as to what type of pet animal she was considering, she paused to think about it and then decided we needed a pet gerbil.  "Sometimes gerbils bite mommy, but I won't let it... and I will feed the pet gerbil... and we need to buy a cage for the pet gerbil to live".  Apparently she's got it all worked out.  We're not getting a pet gerbil.

Sleepovers.  She's obsessed with the idea.  Whenever we have a playdate with anyone, she asks if they can have a sleepover.

The girl is dra-ma-tic.  I mean, she can pour it on... bottom lip out, head down, back bent, slowly walking away...  It is so hard not to laugh.  Insensitive you may think?  Well, when you catch your daughter practicing her cry in the mirror frequently, you don't break that easily.  Honestly, it is so funny.

We went to the children's theater to watch "The Cat in the Hat" today, which was great, by the way.  Maeve loved it, but as we were talking about it on our way back to the car, she mentioned, "Mom, I thought we were going to see the 'real' Cat in the Hat.... he was really funny though.  I liked it".

And games... the girl is obsessed.  We have been trying games for a while now, but the synapses weren't quite firing at full capacity until recently.  I think games have always been fun for Maeve, but I could barely stand her lack of rule following and doing whatever she wanted.  Now, she totally gets it and loves it.  Candyland is the hands down favorite, but we go through every game we have all the time now.  Its so fun.

How lucky I am to have Maeve in my life.  She makes me laugh and smile all the time...  I love watching her grow up and am fascinated with who she's becoming.


Anonymous said...

What?!? We were at the Cat in the Hat yesterday too!
Looking forward to catching up tomorrow...
Lv, CT

karen gerstenberger said...

You and Maeve are both blessed to have each other!

Christie said...

All of these anecdotes crack me up! You can't say 'ooo la la' because you're not dressed fancy?! Ha!!:) I love it! Thanks for sharing these special Maeveisms!!