Tuesday, October 2, 2012


or not, as it turns out.  I booked an appointment for Maeve to get her hair trimmed at a salon specializing in african hair today.  Her hair type changes from front to back, which results in different lengths, and I do not feel qualified to take care of that myself, aside from the little minor trims at the end of twists.  Well the attempt at blowing out her hair was a colossal failure.  I had talked her through everything that would happen, and spent over 2.5 hours detangling her hair this afternoon, only to have Maeve declare it a no go right off the bat.  Poor thing was not ready... I wasn't sure what to expect as she does 'okay' with hair, but this new environment put her over the edge, I guess.  Oh well.  I feel like there has been a lot of detangling in our life recently between the consultation appointment last week and the loose styles recently.  I'm excited to put her hair back in a braided style so that Maeve's brain doesn't turn to mush from all the TV she's allowed with detangle and style time.  Maybe next year :-)

Silly girl

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