Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day

Maeve was on a bit of a holiday during the week leading up to Labor Day weekend -- she was able to head up north and be with friends and relatives because I needed a little childcare assistance due to her daycare being closed that week.  She had four nights away before I joined in on the fun.   She spent most of her nights with her Auntie Stacy, Uncle Todd, and cousins, Taryn and Kate.  And then she spent a couple of days with her Gran and Pop, an overnight with her Grandma and Grandpa, and a day with Ann, Mike, Kaya and Zane.  She even had a special Godfather/Goddaughter date with Mike, which resulted in her coming home with special plastic princess shoes.  Umm... Thanks Mike :-)

I am very lucky that I have so many special people in our lives that are willing to take Maeve and care for her in such a loving way.  I joined Maeve on Thursday evening, and we spent four more nights away before we ventured back home.  We had a very nice Labor Day weekend just being with friends and family.

Mike and Maeve's special date...

Silly kids in the pool...

One of Maeve's favorite things to do in the pool is jump from the edge... here she is in action.

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