Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ben Towne Foundation Family Event...

This morning we participated in watching a private screen of "Brave" put on by the Ben Towne Foundation as their family event.  It was awesome and we look forward to filling our blue coin boxes to raise money for pediatric cancer research.  Before we left for the movie I told Maeve to go pick something nice to wear.  She replied, "fancy?  like Fancy Nancy?"

.... and, this is the outfit she choose and wore to the movie.   

Such a fun movie!  Time will tell if Bear-mares are in our future though.  Thank goodness we didn't see it 3-D.  ha.


annieglan said...

hahahahha same here. Pumpkin was TERRIFIED of the bears. She is not scared of any other disney movie, so I thought she could handle this one... oops. I really enjoyed it though.

karen gerstenberger said...

It looks as if it was a great event, and I like Maeve's sense of style.