Friday, May 4, 2012

Swiper... No Swiping....

So, we've gotten into some form of habit that when its a non-school morning, Maeve gets to watch a show -- 100% of the time its either Dora or Diego that she chooses.  So, these characters that meant very little to me 2.5 years ago, are almost a part of the family now.  As Maeve's imagination is flourishing, she sometimes incorporates situations and phrases that she sees on these shows into her own life.  Of late, she can often be heard saying "Swiper, no swiping" if she's leaving her toys alone for a minute to go do something else.  Sometimes she asks me to hold things and tells me not to let Swiper take it.  Hilarious.  She is also often concerned about Baby Clara or the Wilson's dog, Gus taking her things too... "Don't let Baby Clara eat this Mom".. or "Make sure Gus Gus doesn't get this".  Of course neither baby or dog are at our house when these statements are made.  You're funny Maeve. 

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