Monday, April 30, 2012

What She's Up To...

I feel like Maeve is just exploding with personality, and at times mischief too.  I don't want to forget some of the funny things she's doing and saying these days before they pass onto other things... so, here's a "What She's Up To" post.

  • She's definitely a strong individual with her own ideas about things, but still very much a mommy's girl and loves to snuggle and lounge on top of me.  
  • She can also be very sensitive and burst into tears if I become upset about a behavior... most of the time, that is!  ha.  I'm going to take this as a good thing, as it means she has a conscience.  
  • The girl has an impressive ability to make things dramatic, by the way.  Others may crack under the pressure of instantaneous crocodile tears, but I'm a seasoned veteran... I'm onto her :-)  
  • "But I want to" is heard repeatedly when told we're all done with something that she wants to continue.  
  • She has embraced the, 'its better to ask for forgiveness than permission' mentality.  She apologizes all the time, if that tells you anything.  
  • She is all about telling stories these days.  "One day...."  These stories are a combination of truth and imagination.  
  • She has made up some new words.  A favorite that she likes to throw into sentences is "kiki"... I have no idea what its true definition is, but it sends her into hysterics when she uses it.  
  • "Oh, I forgot" is commonly replied after she receives an answer to a question she's asked.  
  • She can still be found running into the bathroom so that she can do her 'potty talk' in the accepted environment.  
  • One phrase I see some mileage on is - '"I didn't do anything" when the hand is caught in the cookie jar... or when not caught, she's a confessor of "I didn't do_____".  
  • Another thing that I have definitely noticed is how much of a wiggle worm she has become over the last month.  She can concentrate on her puzzles and games etc, but she is always in some form of motion except for when she's sleeping or listening to a story.  Can't be still to save her life.  
  • She is also very excited about turning 3 next month and cheers 'whaoo hooo' at the mention of a birthday party for her.  
  • One of our favorite games right now is whispering into each others ear that we 'love each other more than _____', followed by a huge gasp and grin on our parts.  Precious.  Food items seem to frequent the list the most.  Shocking, on both of our parts :-)

Despite some of the challenges that come with this age, I wouldn't give it up for anything.  She is so fun right now... and I love how much more we can participate in activities and events.  And, I love watching how the world unfolds through her eyes.

Here are just a couple of fun pictures from Friday - Top Pot doughnut pre soccer... and then Bennett and Maeve hydrating midway through a 'grueling' soccer practice.


karen gerstenberger said...

She is just radiant with beauty, energy and spunk. I love these updates!

Anonymous said...

especially enjoyed this post. seeing the girls' personalities develop is one of the best parts of parenting.