Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Weekend :-)

One thing is for certain, if you live in the Pacific Northwest and the sun makes itself known, you are outside and enjoying every second of it. We tolerate 7-8 months of ridiculousness for 4-5 months of fantastic. Its not even that warm out, but a good portion of us are sporting our shorts and flip flops, showing off our pasty whiteness, and convertibles are now noticeable. Ahhhhhh...

I am exhausted. And, Maeve has been in bed for an hour already. But we are happy campers. What did we pack in Friday through Sunday?

- 3 mile run
-pancake breakfast with Bennett, Clara, and Amy
-shopping and lunch out
-playdate with Elizabeth and Kathleen
-Shill came over for a play and dinner
-doughnut and playground date with Thandie and Inge
-a gymboree birthday party
-beach fun with Avery, Gerrit, and Amber
-backyard dinner with Avery, Gerrit, Amber, and Chris
-8 mile run
-cheering on Grace at her soccer game
-walk to the library
-reading stories for about an hour outside at the park

So so much fun. Boooo... the weekend is over :-(

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