Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt...

So we met Avery at the park for the big Easter Egg Hunt. Both Maeve and Avery were really excited.

Two happy girls pre-hunt. (I love that Maeve, once again, had her Halloween bag for egg collection because I wasn't organized to think of anything else, and Avery had fashioned a Starbucks bag as her Easter bag.)

My hopes of Maeve becoming a track athlete are dwindling. First, she's not the fastest runner you've ever come across. And secondly, apparently a big release of kids running is a bit scary. Poor thing only got the one egg she found pre-hunt because she was a bit overwhelmed and needed a snuggle instead. Fortunately the Easter Bunny was there and handed out a couple of treats too, which was plenty, as far as Maeve was concerned.

Headed back to the car. Life is good :-)

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