Friday, April 13, 2012

Blog Worthy Photos...

I have a free spirit on my hands in more ways than one, but these photos capture yet another Maeve ensemble. As we were heading out of the house to have a great playdate with Elizabeth, a clothing change was necessary. This is what was pulled together, complete with a purple velvet purse slung onto her shoulder. Aside from the awesome green sunglasses, my favorite part of the outfit are her arctic boots... required because it was a brutal sunny 60 something degrees outside. Kathleen kept calling her California girl. Fun time had by all.

(ps - ignore the wild hair -- that will all be remedied tomorrow. Today was too chocked full of fun to tackle a big hair day)

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Elizabeth said...

I love the hair! Curious as to how you 'tame' it. Can you share some of your tips about caring for Maeve's hair. You always do such a great job with it. Thanks, Elizabeth