Sunday, April 22, 2012


We took a quick trip up to the 'ham yesterday afternoon to hang out with another collection of very cool and quality people we are lucky to have in our lives.  CJ and Lance hosted and we all came.  The kids are all at a fun age where they play so well together... the grownups can actually talk a bit now.  Pretty fun.  We need to make this happen way more frequently...  we've got a plan in place :-)

Fiona and Maeve -- only 12 days apart.  Both ready to have big birthdays.

Mark provided the wrestling and tickle fun of the evening...

Some of that "talking" I was mentioning...

Maeve riding her tricycle solo now... She hasn't quite mastered the steering thing yet.

I love this picture with her tongue sticking out... clearly concentrating on the task at hand.

Really, Beckett?  Could you be any cuter??

Dinnertime grub with some of the kids...

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