Saturday, March 24, 2012


The no thumb sucking quest has resulted in a big fat "F". Maeve likes to suck her thumb and tell me that she's sucking her thumb as a reminder that I should put on the yucky nail polish, so that she can obtain the coveted once a day lollipop. Then, within a couple of hours she decides she can tolerate the taste and I find her sucking her thumb. I have also somehow reminded her, in this whole process, that she can be ambidextrous in her thumb sucking. When she was a baby she would utilize both thumbs, but at some point she declared her left thumb to be the one of choice. Now she can be found sucking either thumb again, and more frequently than before. Oh sigh. Maybe I don't care yet? Obviously she's not on board. But, it seems like breaking the habit should be easier now verses when she's older. I don't really know. I've got to regroup and rethink this whole thing...


BeLove said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love reading about your adventures and encounters with being a new parent. We *hope* to be adoptive parents sooner rather than later. We plan on adopting from the foster care system but its a very long and unpredictable journey.

I just wanted to let you know that both my husband and one of my best friends from high school used to be thumb suckers!

They both sucked their thumbs until they were preteens!! Crazy, right?!?? I know it'll be tough to endure but if Maeve is so fiercely dedicated to her thumb she just simply might not be ready to give that *security* up quite yet....once she gets older and realizes none of her friends do it I'm sure you'll find her doing it less and least she's not still sucking on a pacifier!! lol.. I've seen kids walking around stores who i know have to soon be in school if they aren't already still sucking a paci!!! ...just a reminder that it could always be worse than the thumb! lol

love your blog! you guys are in my thoughts today! *hugs*


Elizabeth said...

Hi Shauna,
As you know I too love your blog. I am still waiting up here in Vancouver with only an older child (3-4 years) a possibility. Don't worry too much about Maeve's thumb sucking. I've seen pre-schoolers outgrow it in the day time by 3 or 3 1/2 years, they get too busy doing other things and at night a few years later. Maybe drop it for a while and then try again in the summer. Also look for times when Maeve sucks during the day time and try to find something else for that time that keeps her fingers busy. As the previous poster said, thank goodness it's not a pacifer!
Take care,

Orange Girl said...

I, too, was a thumb sucker. I quit around kindergarten. I was old enough to consciously make the choice and follow-through on it. It's a tough habit to break because unlike a pacifier you can't just get rid of the thumb! Assuming she's not doing any damage to her teeth (most thumb sucking actually doesn't), then I wouldn't worry about it. Not worth the fight says this mama who also knows what fighting with a little habesha is like!

sarahsarion said...

We have not attempted to break this habit and don't plan to for awhile. Really, I'm just lazy and enjoy my sleep :-)

One a lighter note, Maya and I were talking about birthdays before bed last night and I was trying to explain to her that her birthday was in May. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Your birthday is in the month of May
Maya: Maeve?
Me: No, May
Maya: Maeve?
Me: No, May
Maya: Maeve?
Me: No, the month of May
Maya: I have a friend named Maeve
Me: Yes, yes you do. And, moving on...

shauna said...

Yes... I think I am just going to leave it alone for now. She is determined even more so to suck her thumb now more than ever. Oh well. I tried. Now, how do I break the need for a lollipop once a day? ha ha

shauna said...

sarah -- that's hilarious! Love their reasoning at this age.