Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catch up...

I suppose its time for a little catch up. Maeve and I have been a bit under the weather this past week, so I haven't been real inspired to blog -- we're a bit of a petri dish over here. First, Maeve had been dealing with her cold for the last couple of months and then came down with hand, foot, mouth early in the week (thank you daycare)... and now I'm dealing with a bit of strep throat, and constantly checking my own hands and feet. Party house... wanna visit?

But, prior to having full disclosures before visits and play dates, we did a few things. First off, Chels and Liam were here for a short visit. So a few of us were able to gather together for a quick visit and eat pizza. Liam is getting so big... It was fun to see them!

And, then we celebrated Jill who is expecting twin girls this summer. Yay Jill! We're so happy for you!

And, then there was some gardening happening over at Keegan's house last weekend. Maybe Maeve will be the green thumb of the house... I certainly don't have one.

And, how's the thumb thing going, you may ask. Actually, pretty well. We have eradicated thumb sucking in the day hours for sure. Nighttime still is an issue. I didn't have the heart to reapply the icky stuff at nighttime when Maeve was dealing with the hand, foot, mouth pain... and now that I'm not feeling great, I don't want to disrupt sleep more than its already happening, but we'll have to consider it soon. Maeve thinks a lollipop a day is awesome though.

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