Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am thankful for my community of friends and family for all that they do and provide us. We are very fortunate to be the recipients of gifts and hand-me-downs, but what I feel the most thankful for are the relationships we have. As a single mom I want to raise Maeve well -- that includes her emotional well being. Being a girl, I tend to spend a significant amount of time around all my girlfriends, but I am cognizant of the fact that Maeve needs solid male role models in her life. This fact helps guide some of the decisions I need to make for Maeve. This is partly why I choose the preschool room that she is in -- there are 2 male teachers. I want Maeve to have consistent men in her life that are purposeful in investing in her. We have many male friends that are very good at giving Maeve attention... but there are a couple that I've asked specifically if they could spend some purposeful one on one time with Maeve, so that she could get that positive attention from quality men, and feel special and loved. An example of this is Dan.

Dan is the closest man in Maeve's life -- without a doubt they both love each other. Dan met Maeve at her Valentine's craft party at school last week because I had to work. I got a phone call later that day from a friend of mine who saw them together just to tell me how great Dan was with Maeve.... he was so attentive and caring. It just makes you feel so good to know that your child is loved, and have that be obvious to others that don't even know him.

Mike is another handpicked male figure for Maeve. Although we don't live in the same town, whenever we do get to see each other he makes it a point to make Maeve feel special. He loves Maeve, she knows it, and its reciprocated too. Both Dan and Mike are Maeve's godparents and they have proven themselves to be good choices. I wasn't worried :-)

And, of course my brother, Todd. Maeve loves him and I think Todd's loving having a little person around again. I couldn't be happier that we now live so close to each other again... its huge for both Maeve and I to have his whole family here now.

Honestly, we are so lucky to have so many involved friends and family in our lives. I knew they were awesome before I brought Maeve home, but it is remarkable to me how amazing they are with Maeve... which makes me love all of them even more.

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