Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Moment in Time...

Well, Maeve is definitely two and half these days.... The days are filled with fun, excitement, dancing, singing, questions, disagreements, arbitration proceedings, snuggles, story time, play time, and to the sheer delight of Maeve, occasional Dora time too. (Oh wow, she is enamoured by that adventurous spanish speaking girl. She likes to tell me stories as to what Dora did and said. Pretty funny). Anywho, I feel like I should document a few of the other things that are heard around the house these days...

"Moooom.... I have a question" -- which is followed by a statement or story, but not, in fact, a question.

"I can do it" -- for everything. Everything.

"Mooooom.... I neeeeeeed you" -- heard whenever she can't see me.

"One time..." -- starts a story about what she or someone else did.

"Okay" -- heard whenever I'm asking her to stop doing what she's doing. "Okay" is almost never followed up with the stopping action. She just keeps her head down, never looks up, and carries on doing what she wants to do, all the while saying, "okay".

"I mean..." -- scattered throughout the stories she's telling.

She can be a wee bit bossy from time to time. She's so busy trying to control her world that she runs around and tries to tell everyone what or what not to do.

She's upped the number of wardrobe changes each day to about 20. She also likes to layer up sweaters 2-3 at a time and insists on all the buttons being done up. Its a good look, I promise you.

She's quite close to being able to operate zippers.

She likes to point out matching colors.

She can be found carrying a step stool all over the house trying to reach anything and everything.

She will scale mountains to get a hold of my iPhone. If she's being particularly quiet and not in my sight, I know that she made a successful snatch.

Potty talk is hysterical to her. She often doesn't follow the rules that potty talk should only happen in the bathroom because she's so busy telling me the words that should only be said in the bathroom. Also, she'll sometimes run into the bathroom and say all the potty words she knows and then run out again, or she'll just put one foot in the bathroom and spout potty talk. She thinks its so so funny. I'm so proud.

Its wild how quickly she's growing up and she's no longer a baby at all... she's a little person with thoughts, ideas, likes, dislikes, and opinions. I love her to death.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love this post. She sounds like she has a wonderful personality and is an absolute cutie-pie. I just love her hair in those twists. You are so lucky to have her. I am still trying to make progress here. Hopefully there'll be a break through soon!