Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas...

Have I mentioned that I feel really festive this year about the Christmas holidays? I think it is so fun reliving the wonder through Maeve's eyes. I love creating experiences for her just to watch her excitement build. I'm also having so much fun creating new traditions for our family that we can carry on every year. I love the idea of the 12 days of Christmas through book giving. Maeve LOVES her books. And, I love that. So, for the 12 days building up to Christmas, Maeve gets a new book to open. Thank you Carrie for providing me with your researched ideas, as I took some and ran with them. Here are the collection that were decided upon for Maeve this year... Its been a huge hit thus far:

She is going to be well practiced on opening up presents by the time Christmas comes along.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the great idea. As a primary teacher I LOVE it! What a wonderful way to build a love of books, help with the excitement of Christmas and have that special reading/bonding time together. This is an idea I will file away for when (I'm working on being positive, note I didn't say "if") I get my little one.