Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh My...

By the end of the month, Maeve will officially be 2 1/2. Somehow she got a hold of a toddler manual and is behaving right on track. Temper tantrums and irrationality are starting to become a part of our lives... and sometimes we like to argue just for the sake of arguing. The saddest part about it is that this is probably not going to get any better for at least a year or more! Deep breath. Good thing she's still really cute and I want to be around her (most of the time).... ha ha :-)

If I take a step back, most of what she has to say is really quite funny. Except when we're trying to get out the door. For the love... why oh why does it take so long to put a coat and two shoes on?

She really is quite dramatic - she has got the arm crossing down. A lot of the time it comes with eyes closed and a turning of the head.

She is getting more and more animated with her arms as she's telling you stories. She also likes to talk with a click now... after each sentence. Sometimes she doesn't even wait for the sentence to be completed just so she can throw an extra click in there.

She likes to role play certain scenarios that have made an impression on her. She often tells me certain babies of hers have hit another baby. So then we have to talk it through and then make the baby apologize to the other baby. Hmmm... her babies seem to be out of control, but at least her random hitting incidents seem to be down. I'll take this as a positive.

"It's not funny" is a phrase I hear back at me quite a lot. Its not my fault -- the girl is a comedian and I have to remind her that not every action she does is hilarious...

She has invented a new language. Its not very helpful when I sometimes struggle with understanding what she's telling me as it is... add this baby-talk, made-up language and its really messing with me.

Her favorite colors right now are pink and yellow... with purple following close behind.

"I can't know" is also heard frequently. It means, "I don't know".

Maeve wanders into my room at 5:40am as I'm getting ready for work... no 'good morning' or 'hi mommy' just:
Maeve: I need a new bed.
Me: You do? Why's that?
Maeve: Mine's old. Its old.
Me: It is, is it?
Maeve: I need a purple bed.
Me: I'll look into it. (not)

I love her to death even though I find myself having a glass of wine more frequently in the evenings now. What would I do without this burst of energy and love in my life? I can't know :-)

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karen gerstenberger said...

I love this posting. Our kids used to say "I can't like it!" when they meant "I don't like it." We liked it - and so many of the other funny things they said. Thank goodness you're recording Maeve's gems!