Monday, November 7, 2011

Anatomy 101

Last night Maeve and I had the privilege of babysitting baby Paul. He was so so good and didn't utter one bit of protest. Despite seeming happy to be around us, Maeve kept reassuring him that his Mommy would be coming home soon to give him a bit of a snuggle. Ha. Pretty sweet. She was also on binky patrol... she would put it in his mouth, but would then arbitrarily determine that he'd had enough and take it away from him. Good thing Paul was quite tolerant of the 2 year old babysitter.

Two kids in the tub turned into an anatomy lesson of sorts for Maeve. Let's just say she finally noticed the difference between boys and girls. I took the opportunity to fill her in on a few "G rated" facts of life and who was allowed to do what with her body, etc.... which only led to a few more questions about Paul's peanuts. Pretty close Maeve.

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