Sunday, October 2, 2011

What We're Doing...

Because I have no memory, this blog serves as Maeve's baby book and the only reliable source as to what she's saying and doing... because, well, I won't be any help to her.

So, these are some of the funny things we're saying these days:

  • Apparently Santa is busy in the North Pole, but according to Maeve, only the girls are getting toys this year. No boys. Sorry guys.
  • We have decided that "Mama" is my name at the moment... not "Mom" or "Mommy" like I've always been called. And now she likes to insert it in almost everything that she's telling me. Or calling me by name is also a second favorite these days.
  • I have a part-time panting dog now.
  • We now need "pribacy" when we go potty. I don't get pribacy... but the 2 year old requires it apparently.
  • Whenever we read a story, or do a puzzle, or sit down to play a game, regardless if we just did it 5 minutes ago or 5 days ago, "Its been awhile", according to Maeve.
  • We are into puzzles these days... and with almost every move "watch me" is requested.
  • Maeve is still super snuggly -- she likes to give kisses, particularly fish kisses. And, she likes to kiss both cheeks too. Every time we read stories she has to lay her hand on my arm. I am sad that she's starting to lose one of her baby snuggles -- when I'd hold her and she'd put her head down on my shoulder, she'd work her arms so that they were snuggled in front of her and she'd just cozy in. She's doing that less now :-(
  • Ready. Set. Go... is a favorite game of hers
  • We are in a "scare phase". Often if I come down the stairs or into the room that she's in, she announces that I scared her and laughs. But other things seem to easily scare her and she'll come running over to be held, or will burst out crying if she's been startled by people who are just trying to make her laugh with an animal sound or 'Boo'. Kinda a buzz kill. :-) Its okay though... a little TLC turns things right around. Usually she doesn't hold a grudge.. usually.
  • We're working on not being so bossypants. Ha.
  • She is still very exuberant and practices faces showing her various emotions.

And we still like to give a very big "Cheese" face.

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