Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween definitely left an impression on Maeve this year. The scare factor was still rather high, and there were many moments when she literally tried to climb up my legs right into my arms when she saw something scary. But, she rallied for the sake of all things sugar in the end. By the middle of trick-or-treating, Maeve was telling me, "its not scary mama" and laughing at the fact that people were just giving her candy... up until a scary faced older kid came too close, that is. I learned that Maeve has an affinity to hard candy packages instead of the chocolate bars. Next year we're going to have to do a bit more training... my palette prefers chocolate :-)

Amy and Brent hosted dinner at their house and offered up their sweet trick-or-treating neighborhood for all the kids...

Here's my wild little bear... growl!
(Umm... and check out how crafty I am now)

Another successful door...

There was very little walking from door to door by this spoiled one. Apparently its scary out there!

They all got the hang of trick-or-treating rather quickly.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Elizabeth said...

Love the photos! Have been following your blog and back reading it since early in the year. My friend's doula is a friend of a friend of yours. Maeve is absolutely adorable.