Saturday, September 3, 2011


Phew... We've had a busy week, but it was packed full of fun. After work last Thursday, Maeve and I pointed the car north and headed to Ann & Mike's as our home base for a week. We managed some great visiting, and Maeve had the best time playing with her friends, Kaya and Zane, and also her cousins, Taryn and Kate. The main purpose of the trip was to steal away Taryn and Kate for a few days to check off our 9th annual Niece Camping trip... which of course we did. Maeve was left behind this time and was doted on by her Auntie Stacy, Gran and Pop.

Water park action...

Pop and Maeve

Gran and Maeve

The "Kids' Table"

Maeve tickling Mike...

(sorry... no pictures of Auntie Stacy or Ann)

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