Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doing Something...

We've been busy this weekend with a variety of activity and fun, but the most important things that have happened this weekend were two separate events that both address pediatric cancer, and the thing we can do about it.

The first event occurred last night -- the 2nd annual Ben Towne Foundation Benefit to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Not unexpected, it was a fabulous evening. Jeff and Carin have a unique gift to communicate effectively and tell Ben's story, paralleling thousands of other families' stories and how cancer has forever changed them. We all have an opportunity to be part of this movement... I know Ben is so proud of his mom and dad.

benefit 2011 Feature Video from ben towne foundation on Vimeo.

Joel McHale & The Soup even sent a personal message supporting the Ben Towne Foundation... pretty cool

The second event that Maeve and I both attended this morning was Richard's Run, which was a Go 4 the Goal event. This is a different organization that aims to support patients and families while they are fighting the war with cancer. I know Kim & Randy, who organize the Seattle events, and they couldn't be more committed to this mission. Richard's Run was a great event and we were thrilled to be running in support of such a positive mission.

Maeve carb loading pre-run

The Moose wasn't as big of a hit for some...

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