Saturday, September 3, 2011

9th Annual Niece Camping Trip...

Another year... and I feel old when I look at these photos here and here. We left electronics behind, but we upgraded to air mattresses instead -- because I feel like I'm old enough not to be sleeping on camping mats now... but, that just means I spoiled Taryn and Kate, right? Whatev... as long as I'm comfortable is what I figure :-)

Taryn and Kate and I headed over to Galiano Island for a few days of R&R. I originally planned on having us all bike over with our stuff, but then I decided that I needed my camping chair, air mattress, and cooler... bike camping would be more difficult as a result. Once again, spoiling the young ones... ha.

Oh, how things have changed. What a treat. We slept in until close to 10am each day and we all read for hours each day. We played games, ate very well, kayaked, and explored the beaches and tide pools also. And, we managed nice weather to boot. So... here was our fun:

Next year its double digits...

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