Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today Ben would be 6 years old if cancer hadn't ended his life way too short. I met Ben a month after he turned 2 -- I think about that all the time. Maeve just turned two less than two months ago. It terrifies me to think that she would get cancer. But, because I am a pediatric oncology nurse, I have been involved in too many families' worst nightmares. I am part of Jeff and Carin's nightmare. A nightmare that lasted a year and a half, and continues on in an entirely different way still. Because of their horrific experience and loss, they have a vision -- a vision that ends very different than their own experience with Ben.

The Ben Towne Foundation was created just over a year ago with a goal to cure all pediatric cancer. This foundation was instrumental in bringing Dr. Jensen to Seattle with the opening of Center for Childhood Cancer Research this month. Please check out recent press about it here and here. It is a bold dream. And, a bold dream is what is needed.

Happy Birthday sweet Ben. We miss you so much.
Carin and Jeff -- you are fabulous parents.

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karen gerstenberger said...

LOVE. Love them, love what they are doing, love Ben (even though I never met him in the flesh), love you.