Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Mind of Her Own...

Life is a journey with a 2 year old, that's for sure. Over the course of the last week or so, we've had a bit of independence, naughtiness, and hilarity present itself.

We have entered a bit of a phase where I have to pick some battles. Redirection still works wonders with Maeve, but not every instance is that a possibility. For example, bed time. I don't know if its the late summer sunsets (yay... mostly) or just over-tiredness repeating itself, but Maeve doesn't want to go to bed these days. Wowza. She has discovered the verb - to stall. And, when that wears out its welcome, wailing and flailing occurs when she is placed gently in her crib. Little does she know that she is capable of climbing out of that thing if she really tried... but, no one tell her that. There have been a number of tactics used to achieve sleep, but they are all somewhat exhausting, on both of our parts...

And, yesterday there was a bit of naughtiness -- milk was purposely poured onto the floor, followed by instantaneous water works when I said her name in response. Maeve helped me clean it up while we had a discussion about how that was a little naughty. 20 minutes later I hear her laughing and saying "naughty... naughty..." only to see her emptying out my baker's sized salt container directly onto the floor. Another discussion about how that was a little bit naughty took place while we cleaned up that spill. The fact that she knows something is naughty is reassuring right? Ha.

Hilarity ensued when I was awakened in the middle of the night to a yelling Maeve... well, that's not the hilarious part... wait for it. First pass attempts to get her back to sleep failed, and I just flat out gave up and brought her into bed with me. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turned into a minor play session for Maeve -- except I was still somewhat happy because at least I was lying horizontal. About an hour into me saying, "shhhh... Maeve, its nigh nigh time", she tells me she wants me to change her diaper. I say, "its not wet, honey... it doesn't need to be changed". But, of course she insists. Fine... I'm supposed to be embracing this whole potty training, be in touch with your body thing, right? So up we get. Victory for Maeve. I ask Maeve if she needs to go potty and she says, "yes". So, there I am, crouching in front of her, cheering her on pathetically while she pees on the potty at 4am. Did I ever mention that I don't really mind diapers?

Oh Maeve. I do love you and all your sass... but, lets start agreeing to 'all things mommy' and save our potty training for daylight hours :-)

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