Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Developmentally On Track...

We are a week shy of two, and Maeve is running with it. I ask her how old she's going to be and she proudly replies, "two" and then mentions that she going to get two cupcakes. Fair enough. I see the logic and I applaud it.

We are at the perfect stage for a birthday party as we have a continuous musical loop of "happy birthday" in our song repertoire. We systematically go through all of the kids in Maeve's class and teachers, then we move on to Bennett, Avery, Amy, and Amber, we then sing happy birthday to Mommy, and then all of the Wilson's -- including their dog. If we happen to visit with anyone throughout the day, they get thrown into the "happy birthday" mix too. And, when we're really on a roll she'll sing happy birthday to her lovie and Shaun the Sheep, also.

The testing of wills has officially, without a doubt, begun. Maeve is adamant, with a capital "A" about some of the things that she wants these days. She is dra-matic... wow. She can turn on the crocodile tears and flop herself down like nobody's business, and then two seconds later be laughing. And, boy, can she be stubborn! Good thing I have a little stubborn streak residing in me too. Its fortunate that she is still so stinkin' cute, which helps make up for some of the ridiculousness... But, this is a really fun age, in all seriousness.

We managed to get out this afternoon and enjoy the nice weather. We met up with some new found friends that live in the neighborhood for a play date.


Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

2...2?!?!? When and how did that happen?? I've SO enjoyed watching her (and you) on this amazing adventure thus far...can't wait to sing happy birthday to HER!!

Gayle said...

Stubborn? Adamant about things? It totally blows my mind on how much Maeve is following in the footsteps of her Mom!! Of course, I may not have this exactly straight since we only saw you limited amounts of time. However, I do recall a stubborn Shauna who was not going to walk down the aisle as a flower girl (for Aunt Sally's wedding) - as I recall, Leah came to the rescue and told you you would not be having any cake at the reception if you didn't do the walking down the aisle. Look at the family photos from the wedding...I believe I recall Shauna as looking in the opposite direction!!
Memories...ha, ha!
Aunt Gayle