Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was a big hit per the lil' one. We kind of embraced the whole gathering eggs, eating treats, and receiving some gifts... Maeve's definitely a fan of the big Bunny now.

We went to the Children's Museum with Amy and Bennett earlier in the week to practice gathering Easter eggs. Initially Maeve didn't know what to think and wanted to play in the water table instead, but eventually grasped the concept and had a great time -- to the point of trying to take other children's eggs from them. That didn't go over so well by these other children.

So what she's using her Halloween Spider to collect eggs. Its still festive, right?

A little professional egg gatherer now.

Fun times had by all...

And then Avery came over to continue the fun with egg dying. Maeve cried, Avery decorated, and Bennett will permanently be walking around with blue hands for the rest of his life...

Maeve could care less about eating eggs in any form, but give her a chocolate bunny and watch out... She didn't seem to care that she ate the ears off the bunny, but she became very concerned when the bunny's eyeballs were falling to the floor... between bites that was.

Sadly I had to work today, so Maeve had an overnight with the Wilson's so that she could wake up to what the Easter bunny brought her. She had SO much fun. Here she is getting one of many snuggles by Eli... She gets snuggles by all of them. Its hard to be Maeve.

The Easter Bunny brought Maeve a toy cell phone. It was a big hit as you can see (such a hit that she's already managed to break it... the operator doesn't want to talk to her anymore...). Annie was kind enough to send me videos and photos all day long so I could see what the 'haps were with Maeve.

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