Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I downloaded a bunch of iPhone pictures onto my computer and decided to share a few here, and also update the blog on the latest chapter of all things Maeve. So, this is what we're up to at 20 months of age...

Newest phrases and sayings: "Yep", "yeah", "nope", and "go away" -- thanks to the dragon in the Paperbag Princess (a favorite of both of ours)... at least she's not saying it rudely, yet :-).... and a slough of new words. She is also starting to put two words together too.

She loves to march, run, and dance now.

She loves to sing her "abc's.." its hilarious because she only hits a couple of the letters throughout the song, but is trying so hard to master it.

She loves her friends and family and does role call all the time. She likes to know where everyone is at all times.

She counts -- and always comes up with the answer "two".

Reading, by far, is still her favorite thing to do. She also loves her kitchen, matchbox cars, her train set, walking her puppy and buzzy bee, bubbles, and all things art.

She still loves to wave and say "hi" to people as we're out and about. She loves to give hugs and kisses to those she knows... and well, those she doesn't really know either. Let's just say she's social and doesn't really have the shy gene. That being said, she is very much a mommy's girl...

She prefers to only go up and down the stairs holding hands... but also prefers that the hand holder do most of the work of heaving her dense body up the stairs.

She is getting far more adventurous on the playground structures now -- and it gives me a few heart attacks every time, because for some reason her center of gravity is compromised when she's playing and she falls down close to high openings all the time. I think I aged at least 5 years today alone.

She's definitely on her way to potty training as she successfully used the toilet at least 6-7 times today. Thank you daycare for starting this process...

Park time!

Okay, Okay... I was a little cold. I'm sorry! It may have been a bit overkill!

Should I let go and give my mom another heart attack? Honestly, I'm not a jumpy parent... but the play structures strike a weak spot, apparently.

You can't see me....

...now you can!!!

I intruded on Annie and Maeve time today...

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