Sunday, January 30, 2011

Melanie & James' Wedding!

Last night, Maeve and I went to witness and celebrate Melanie and James' wedding, along with all their family and friends. It was so much fun. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was fantastic. Love was in the air and Melanie and James just radiated. I love seeing that.

This was Maeve's first wedding, and I think its safe to say that she's a fan. She is undeniably a party animal. She was definitely in her element... There was a lot of strutting to the music, bopping of her head, and squeals of delight. She lasted longer on the dance floor than my screaming feet, and only succumbed to sleep when she couldn't hold out any longer. Congratulations Melanie and James... we are so happy for you both!

The ceremony was beautiful and in a great location...

The happy couple (the camera was a little late on the pick up)

Chris helping entertain the wee one...

"Mom, I love getting dressed up to go to a party!"

Could she be any happier?

Katie, Amy, and Amber...

Rosanne, Jenn, Avery, and Leann...


Seriously, how gorgeous are they?

"Come on Avery, I see cupcakes!"

Dance Party!! See Maeve in there having the best time? And, if you let her loose, she had some sweet moves going on... (along with Leann, it would appear)

Photo Booth Wedding! Awesome progression here...

Maeve and Mommy!

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