Thursday, December 30, 2010

We have returned...

...from our winter wonderland holiday in Winnipeg. We had a fantastic time and managed to lose no appendages to frost bite - bonus. More to come later because sleep was hard to come by this week for the wee one (read: therefore me too). As a result... I'm beat and am going to enjoy my own bed away from the the cute, yet needy, toddler tonight. All my fingers and toes are crossed that we both sleep through the night. Its a pipe dream... but, what's life without dreams?

This was Maeve looking at all the "aerpanes" and getting ready for our 3rd flight of the day... and the only one of the whole trip that we each got a seat to ourselves. Maeve was a rock star traveler... thank goodness. But, I do foresee her travel books taking a break from the rotation for a while... maybe a long while.

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