Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I do believe I have embarked into this thing called "parenting"... Maeve is a great natured, outgoing, sweet thing -- but she's also very much one and a half now. She can say "no" like no one's business, she has selective hearing already, and she is quite adamant about the things she does and does not want to do.

Sleep has been altered over these last couple of months, much to my chagrin. Usually our issues are of the middle of the night variety (so awesome), but occasionally they trickle down to 'the going to bed' routine also. So, tonight, after failing in my first couple of attempts to get her to sleep by her own defenses, I enter to help. She succeeded in getting me to lift her out of her crib by crying "poop". Note to self -- reread the nursery rhyme, Shauna. Anywho. The girl finally succumbed to sleep and it turns out Maeve has manners in her dreams. I witnessed her reposition herself and sign and say, "pease, pease, pease" in her sleep. Funny girl.