Friday, November 19, 2010

One Year Ago...

I stole Theresa's idea... and am reposting last year's entry. I feel like this weekend is monumental. The anniversary of our family's beginning... I cannot believe how much my life has enhanced since Maeve entered it. I cannot believe how satisfying, rewarding, and fun it is being a mom. And, I cannot believe that Maeve's cheeks are still intact despite all my attempts to kiss her dimples off. I feel so extremely grateful that Maeve has bonded and transitioned so well to our life together. Maeve's birth mom is on my mind a lot these days. I know that she lovingly sacrificed raising Maeve herself and entrusted her care to me. I don't take that lightly and think of that charge every single day. My greatest hope is that Maeve will always realize how loved she is, by both of her mom's.

So exactly a year ago I wrote these words:

Yay!!! Whaooo Hooo!!!

In 12 hours time we will be loading up the back of Amy's truck and heading to SeaTac Airport to embark on the biggest chapter of this "Great Adventure" yet. It does floor me how much busy work was involved in getting ready to go on this particular trip, while simultaneously nesting to the nth degree. But... I am ready. As ready as I'm ever going to be anyway. (With many many thanks to an amazing community of friends and family)

Stacy and I gathered the last of the donations and managed to easily fill all our bins. Keeping within the designated weight is somewhat challenging, but with the bathroom scale and some minor reshuffling of things, I think we mastered it.

We have 250lbs of straight donations -- a combination of formula, diapers, bottles, medicine, diaper wipes, bumbo seats, toiletry items, and a few clothes. The remaining 50lbs are for gifts, Maeve's accessory items, and just a few things we'll need over the week. We managed to get all of our clothes, including Maeve's, in our carry-on's. I think we did pretty well...

So, Stacy is promising to look at the video camera en route and maybe figure out how to operate it. No pressure here... I mean, it is only the biggest moment of my life thus far. ha.

Getting the bins all secured... drilling holes to ziptie them locked.

The loot minus our carry-ons, which are rather impressive in of themselves.

Tune in next week... I'll have a very cute 6 month old to show off!


Anonymous said...

So amazing.
Thinking of you guys from Poulsbo...Lv, Carin

eastiopians said...

Yay! I am so glad you re-posted last years post. It's good to be reflecting and rejoicing alongside you! :)