Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Really my Fault...


Exhibit A -- Children chugging milk out of their sippy cups this morning.

Exhibit B -- Amber brings over her Hazelnut Coffee Creamer this morning in this sippy cup and then relocates it in my fridge

One could easily mistake Exhibit B for Exhibit A and give a certain toddler Hazelnut Coffee Creamer to quench her thirst at lunchtime. This particular toddler lacks the vocabulary to sufficiently tell her mother that the milk is 'off' and drinks it anyway, although not as eagerly as normal. It was only post lunch did a synapse or two fire and I recalled that Amber chose a sippy cup to transport her coffee enhancer. Whoops. Sorry Maeve. A little Hazelnut Coffee Creamer never hurt anyone right?

Geez.... how is Maeve ever going to make it out of childhood with me as her mother?


Amber and Chris said...

so not my fault! this made me laugh out loud!

Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

oh...a day in the life of the sinclair household! love it...made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Tell her she can have Peppermint Mocha at my house. ;)
Lv, Carin