Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dinner Table...

Up until about a month ago I was without a dinner table. I have been without a dinner table for years... I suppose in the smattering of living situations throughout university years and beyond there was a table or two, but I think the most we did with them was keep our stuff on it. And, my last home didn't have room for a table, so I ate most meals while sitting on the couch, or standing in the kitchen. My mom brought down a table that we had in our house when I was a kid -- its perfect for my space. I wanted to start having meals with Maeve -- I wanted to hear about her day and the things she was thinking about. Right now, well, I'm hearing a lot with the hope that understanding will come :-). Its the little things in life that build unity, I think. Sitting down and eating together is an adjustment, but I like the change.

At times its painful for me to watch her spoon one pea at a time... but, she's doing it and she's determined. Good job Maeve.

Oh, well, this is our latest trick at the table apparently. I've told her calmly "no thank you" a few times, and now she does it and looks for a response. So, I've decided no response is going to be my response (and if you think taking a picture of her foot on the table gives her a reaction, it doesn't. She's the most photographed child in the world and she's used to me taking her picture... I can't help it. She's so darn cute).

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