Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Aside from twisting my arm to have breakfast out with my Mom and a couple of her friends this morning, Maeve and I hunkered in. We've had a busy week and staying inside and watching the rain storm play out while all cozy and dry seemed like a fine idea. I showered only to put, essentially, pj's back on. I changed Maeve into loungewear also, so that she felt authentic too.

Maeve has a new discovery -- babies. Now "baby" could either mean Baby Beluga or a baby doll. My mom brought up the stroller I received from Santa when I was a child to walk my dolls -- and now Maeve is doing the same. I'd love to say... Ah, how cute, but all I see are the abdominal rolls the doll is sporting that look eerily similar to the ones I sport -- except I have more.

And, seeing as we had time on our hands and a well rested little girl, I decided to be a bit more creative with her hair. One can only hope she doesn't decide to do backflips and summersaults in her sleep and have them half out by morning... no worries either way I suppose.

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Christie said...

Wow! I'm way impressed with her hair! I have to admit, that's one area I feel very nervous about. I think it's the fact that I won't be able to practice until I actually have my little one. It looks like you have it down though! Good job!