Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interpreter Wanted:

Maeve is collecting words quickly. The problem is, her mother isn't deciphering these new words as fast as Maeve is acquiring them. She looks right at me with her big questioning eyes and repeats her newfound word over and over and over again... like twenty times in a row. Okay, throw me a bone... give me a hint... perhaps act it out... point to it? Finally I pretend like I know what she's saying and get excited and give her a cheer for telling me such an important fact. I'm pretty sure she knows I'm faking it... because when I really do understand her and repeat back what she's said, she practically falls over with excitement and gives me a squeal of delight. Sorry Maeve, I've never been really good at charades or guessing games, for that matter. But, I'll keep trying...

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karen gerstenberger said...

All of your posts and photos are delightful. The look of triumph on Maeve's face as she practices walking is pure joy.
We had this difficulty when David was little, and went to daycare 2x a week. Before we ate meals, he would say (what sounded like), "Thank you God for puddles." We could not figure this out, until I asked the daycare owner, who was from Costa Rica. She looked mystified, and then her face lit up. "Pajaros! The bird(s)" - she had a colorful, parrot-like bird decoration in her kitchen. David was giving thanks for that. Since we don't speak more than a few words of Spanish, we were lost.