Friday, September 17, 2010

So, interesting... apparently I'm supposed to be tapering for the Leavenworth half marathon now. Can you taper if you've never really trained? I'm investing in ibuprofen instead, I've decided.

Second thing -- I'm annoyed that I can't fit into my jeans. I have no will power and therefore no real ability to diet. I am hoping Jillian will help get me out of my slump and into my jeans again. The 30 day shred has begun - today. I can't lift my arms now. I hope Maeve is okay with crawling for the next month... perhaps that will entice her to start walking?!

Here is a shot of our "Friday Pancakes" this morning. Avery was trying to avoid being in the photo but still wanted to eat her pancakes. Pancakes pre work out... I'm sure that's recommended.

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The Hamilton Family said...

I LOVE 30 Day Shred!!!! It totally worked for me. I know the not being able to move...that's what keeps me motivated to workout more often than not. Good luck!