Sunday, August 22, 2010

Super Hero vs Ballerina

It would appear that Maeve has an aversion to tutu's... I decided to pull out one that she had received as a gift last year to see what she'd think about it. When I put it on her she immediately signed "all done" and wanted it off... later in the day I happened to be video taping her, and caught this reaction when she saw it again... hilarious.

So, don't worry... I'm not going to make the girl wear a tutu if she doesn't want to and I'll refrain from making such stereotypical comments, as I did. It really does bode well that Maeve is opposed to it actually, because I would prefer as little princess paraphernalia as possible in our house. So, instead of girly ballerina play, Maeve decided to become a super hero instead, and donned her bib as a cape.

(ps -- we do occasionally wear bottoms when we're at home... but, well, this is a very common look a lot of the time too. Its good to be au natural)

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