Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So, enough about me, what's Maeve up to these days? I feel like she's becoming a toddler right before my eyes. She is a little person with a big personality, and I love it. She makes me laugh all the time... she is full of beans and is very expressive... and she continues to be the sweetest thing ever.

She is all over the place now and getting into everything too. She is full-on crawling and pulling herself up to her knees... and she is managing to pull herself to a stand on lower objects. She has just mastered the stairs, which is clearly super exciting because she laughs and squeals while she climbs. She can say "ball"... I recently realized that her babble is morphing into actual words. I'm sure she's saying other things, maybe I should start paying more attention. She can throw and play catch surprisingly well. She can point to her nose and her button... we're working on the others. She has a few signs that she uses all the time. Her favorite one is "eat" (shocking, I know) I can't go into a grocery store without her screeching the whole time because she's surrounded by all the food that she loves. Its, umm, pretty awesome.. (note: sarcasm) Ha. If we are out and about, she waves and talks to everyone, which can instantaneously create a fan club around her. She officially has four teeth and is working on one more right now as she sleeps. She still loves to snuggle. Yay for me. She's also a little Linus because anything soft that she comes across she will put it on the side of her face and suck her thumb. I saw her once cuddle a used fabric softener sheet for a good 15 minutes the other day. Oh Maeve.... you are pretty precious.

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