Friday, July 16, 2010

STP 2010...

T'was the night before the STP.... oh crap. ha.

Two years ago Amy and I rode the STP and figured it would be fun to ride it again seeing as we had such a great time doing it then. We rallied both Amber and Kolleen to join us. One thing not taken into consideration -- three of us have babies. Road biking takes time to train. I cannot remember the last time I've been this out of shape. I'm pretty sure I'll survive... pretty sure -- but I bought my STP shirt early, just in case I don't actually roll into Portland ;-)

I am riding the STP to raise funds for Camp Side by Side (along with a few other people who will be out on the road with us). If you're interested in supporting me in this quest, let me know and I'll give you more information...

And, what is Maeve doing this weekend?? She is about to be spoiled royally by the Wilson's... Annie is showing up at 5am to start her duties as Nanny. That is one amazing friend.

I've been watching the Tour de France. It makes me feel like I'm working out as I sit on my couch watching those guys kill themselves up the Alps as I shovel ice cream in my mouth. Today Maeve watched a bit of Stage 12 with me -- she kept turning around and waving at the athletes and clapped when she'd hear the crowds cheer the bikers on. She's funny.

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