Sunday, June 6, 2010


...its okay not to be hardcore.

The scenario: A 65 mile bike ride was scheduled this morning as part of our STP training.

But, if its pouring rain, and more than half your riding buddies bail on you before you even leave the house... and then you bite it taking a corner too sharp in the wet weather, and one of the trails you planned on riding is closed, yet you utter the words, "how bad could it be?"... and end up mountain biking on your road bike for about a mile with no end in site... is it a sign that maybe you should pack it in and just go home?

Perhaps it would've been a good idea to stay home and nurse my coffee while all cozy on the couch like the smart friends that decided to forfeit the ride. Instead, now I'm nursing my new appendage that is coming out of my right elbow... And, yeah. We went home.

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