Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crash Course...

Maeve is everything to me. I can't believe how much I am in love with her... and, as her mom, I want to give her all the tools I possibly can to help her grow up to be happy and secure in who she is. We are a transracial family, and because of that, I need to be cognizant of what that entails for Maeve. I've joined a blog group that is focusing on transracial adoptive parenting and I hope to be further educated and enlightened in this arena.

Last night I watched, "Adopted, The Movie" and was glad that I did. I have many books on adoption and transracial issues, but it is something else to watch an adopted adult share her story, versus reading educated professional's take on the topic. And, tonight I watched "Black Family: Outside Looking In: Transracial Adoption in America" (viewable online), which further emphasized the fact that I need to do more -- my love and nurturing is not enough.

This blog group is participating in John Raible's crash course in transracial parenting. I am excited to be a part of it. I received the first book on the reading list in the mail yesterday thanks to Amazon.

This little girl is way too important to me to just assume that she'll grow up happy and secure in her new culture and society... it is my responsibility to help her navigate these waters.


Eastiopians said...

So glad you joined too. What a great group already! And I know exactly what you mean. I will fiercely do anything I have to to help Macy navigate this society and racism, etc. I am also ticked off at Amazon b/c I ordered my book about 2 weeks ago...okay, maybe less than that, but still. I want to read it now.

The B Family said...

Netflix just delivered Adopted so we'll probably watch it this weekend. Watched Outside Looking In last week. So much to to think about and learn. The adult adoptees provide so much insight. And loving all of the discussion on the group blog.

Seems I've gotten behind on your blog--going to go back now and catch up on some Maeve happenings. Hope you two are doing well.

Our Family Foursome said...

If you haven't already, you should read "Love in the Driest Season". I use to work with the mom in the book, which was written by her husband. I very much enjoyed it.