Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yay!! The last leg of this long journey of endless paperwork has come to an end today. This alone would be reason enough to celebrate... but, I suppose its not always about me (yes, it is). Maeve was officially adopted, or readopted, today in the US court system. It has to do with the technicalities of the visa Maeve came home from Ethiopia on, and now I can obtain a US birth certificate for her, and her name is now legally Maeve. Big day.

It was so great because I decided to go through this process in a different county because the legal documentation is less intimidating there than my county, and therefore I managed to avoid using the services of an attorney. Maeve and I were supported by our Bellingham peeps who came out to celebrate Maeve on her day. Post court, we decided the best way to whoop it up was at the doughnut shop, and Maeve got her first bite of greatness. (Is anyone picking up on the fact that I am a wee bit of a sweet tooth?)

No pictures yet of the readoption proceedings because my good friend, Misha, was there with camera in hand, and took all the pictures for me. I will share some when I get them...

When we got home we managed to enjoy the remaining part of the day and walked the lake with Melanie... and, of course, there was swinging.

Happy Maeve Day, Maeve!


Cathy said...

love. being with you 2 yesterday. witnessing you taking your vows. gulping down a donut (a hobby i'm repeating today). celebrating Goodness in so many ways. seeing you this Friday! yippee!

Amber Weiseth said...

Way to go! I am glad you went to b-ham. It is so much easier.

Amber Weiseth said...

Way to go! I am glad you went to b-ham. It is so much easier.