Sunday, May 9, 2010


... get me in shape mode. Holy Smokes... Maeve and I are gaining weight at a steady state, and I think I've matched her pound for pound since she's been home. Yay for Maeve. Umm... not so yay for me. So... it is convenient that we have started our training for the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride, which is hopefully going to help me in my quest.

Happy Mother's Day to me -- I hauled my booty out of bed bright and early to join Kolleen, Amber, and Katie for a 55 mile bike ride -- the halfway point? Alki Bakery. Yum Yum (yes, yes, I know... that is counter-productive, but seriously... I need some carrot and the freshly baked cinnamon roll served its purpose today). It was a beautiful day for a ride and it felt good to be out. Maeve spent her morning with the Ehlings and had a great time being doted on.

Oh... note to self: if you plan on belly laughing at your friend while you are still clipped into one of your pedals, don't. It was all funny until I lost my balance and fell over in the other direction while still attached to my bike, nearly taking Kolleen out with me. Getting up was a whole other scene. Live and learn :-)

The day ended at Amy and Brent's, because it was BBQ weather and they are our BBQ peeps... so so fun.

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