Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebration Dinner...

Happy Birthday Leann! It is definitely a birthday week. Amy yesterday. Leann today. Katie on Friday. We were able to celebrate two of the three last night with a fun dinner out... My vocal chords are strained slightly from all the amazing birthday songs I've sung thus far. My rendition to Amy was so good that Maeve was grooving to the beat. (She may be a little brainwashed... but, maybe not. Perhaps I am just that good).

Katie we've got you covered next week, but we drank of glass of wine to honor you too.

Also, Happy St. Patrick's Day.... I was the obnoxious mom that sent Maeve to daycare with 'all things green'... everything down to her onesie. Didn't want to chance that the sweet thing would get pinched!

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